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Firefox 4 RC

The newest release from Mozilla Firefox, Version 4.0 Release Candidate.

Now is the time!

The launch of the Firefox 4 Release Candidate means that now is the time to get involved and give us feedback. We’re excited about the features and functionality in Firefox 4 and we need your help to find any last minute problems or bugs to make sure this release is the best it can be.

You can either submit feedback through the feedback button on the top right of your browser or by clicking on the Help menu and selecting ‘Submit Feedback’ option to tell us about your experience.

The browser offers options that a lot of folks I come into contact with don’t utilize, like Sync, which promises cross-syncable favorites between your smart phone and home computer. That’s pretty cool. You can have the same favorites at your disposal in either circumstance, and if you change it from one, the other automatically reflects those changes as well. I just downloaded their application for the iPhone, called Home. I’ll be testing it from now on. Here’s a link to download it,

I recommend using any third party browser, in place of Microsoft® Internet Explorer®; since this program is a part of your operating system, if a Website can infiltrate it, it has infiltrated your system files, in a manner of speaking. I prefer Firefox because it is built on user feedback and user participation, and it functions in a way that I can easily manipulate to accommodate my needs. Read more on the history of Firefox here, on Wikipedia.

Click the link at the top, “Version 4.0 Release Candidate,” to download.