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New Domain!

Finally got my new domain name secured in! I’ll be implementing changes to reflect that soon. The domain is


Threw my barometer, hygrometer, and thermometer outside of the window tonight. It’s super temporary, but it’s one baby step closer to getting things running. Currently located within a couple of feet of my house, temperature, humidity, and pressure are available at the right hand side of my page, on the weather page of this site, and at WunderGround and on APRS.

APRS iGate

Set up my laptop with one of my radios to act as an iGate (K8JSM), which uploads RF APRS data to APRS-IS. There aren’t many in my area, so it’s nice to have a little coverage, even if it’s just temporary.

Storms at Sunset

Here is a cell that passed us and is to our East, catching the sunset’s rays of light. It has some really need striations on the underside. (You can click the images for full size.)