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Facebook Integration

I will be playing around soon with Facebook integration on my Website(s). This means that you will be able to more easily comment on and share content without having to do much more than “allow” my site to use your Facebook credentials to identify you (just like a lot of other sites already do). I hope that this will increase comments on my posts. Stay tuned!


Radio Subdomain Updates

Did some updating to the visual appearance of the Radio subdomain. Also changed around the Weather page a little bit, added some photos to the page about My Shack, and a couple of other small things. Check it out.


Today, I’m cranky. I’m sick of all of the idiocy that surrounds me. I’m tired of impersonal “friends,” that are truly, and more appropriately called, acquaintances. I’m done playing nice with GROWN UPS who still act like kids. Most of all, I’m sick of holding back these thoughts. Judge me, $!#&%.

P.S. Do you need a Website? Contact me today! I can build you a personal space online for business or pleasure. It can be filled with HATE and RAGE and GUNS! ..or not. The choice is yours. (But it looks cooler with the guns.)

Feel Secure… Very Secure

One of the services that I have enlisted to help me with my Website is that of SiteLock. They do a daily scan of my domain for malware and virii. This ensures that nothing slips through the cracks! “Hackers,” or h4x0rs, are finding new ways to manipulate Websites to upload phishing look-a-like Websites, virii, malware, etc., and I think this is a service that I don’t mind paying a little bit for, to keep all of you, my pets, safe. Enjoy my clean green site. =)

Oh, and comment / like / tweet my content!!