(2.19.08 – 2.19.09)

Written for Amber Nicole Lutz, for an anniversary date.

I’m writing this to clear my mind,
And comfort yours through time;
I’ve never known this comfy feeling,
And I’m so glad you’re mine.

This year has been a long, hard road,
I’m sure, for you and me.
We face some choices very soon,
Tough ones, and you see,

Nothing that this world can throw,
Will break my love for you, you know;
Even if we’re far apart,
You’ll always own some of my heart.

Thanks for all the happiness,
Thanks for spending time.
I think that I’m a chemical,
And you are my enzyme;

You break me down and read my thoughts,
You do it all the time.
I thank you for your comforting;
You’ve helped me in some binds.

But the one thing that I like the most,
The one thing that I like to boast,
The one thing that I’d like to toast:
We’ve withstood the test of time.

© J. Sean McVey