It’s A Storm

Storms can be a weird thing.
They’re magnificently beautiful,
But at the same time, treacherously
Dangerous. More specifically, is
The calm before the storm and,
Then, the un-calm before the storm.

When sitting in a car before a storm,
Ensure that all windows are rolled up–
You will notice how windy it is
As you’re walking to your car, but
Once inside, be weary of forgetting it.
The trees blowing outside are like
Flashbacks of hurricanes on T.V.

I get a weird feeling inside as
I walk back to my home. I might
Describe it as the feeling one
May think is the feeling that a
Person might feel just before being
Struck by lightning. Haha. You
Know the charged feeling you would
Expect. Some type of energy swirling
About the air, through your hair.

Then a silent flash that knocks you
From your daze as though you were
Simply daydreaming at a wedding
Or a baseball game, then a flash
From a camera out of the corner
Of your eye brings you back to
Reality. The reality of this storm.

Just as you make it back inside, the
Rain starts to fall, gently at first, then
Pouring and pouring such vastly huge
Amounts of rain-water that you say
A small prayer to thank whomever
For sparing you from becoming soaked.

One small sprint is all that’s separating
You from quenching your curiosity.
Unlock the door and dive onto the bed.
Open the blinds and stare out into the
Dark sea. Whites of waves are strewn
About occasionally. You wonder why
God made a false promise about flooding
The earth. Ha. God damn I’m a
Funny fellow. Oh well, it’s the storm.

© J. Sean McVey